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Dear Reader,

In the recent years, the Sanitaryware market in India has witnessed a steep rise. With increasing average household income levels among Indian consumers, along with shift in lifestyle patterns, there has been an acute boom in the demand for high-end premium Sanitaryware products today.

The rapid growth of the real estate sector has also played a crucial role to accelerate the avg. growth rate to 22% in the domestic Sanitaryware market in India. With new residential and commercial establishments coming up at a very fast pace, demand for Sanitaryware has also increased. Moreover, more builders have started realizing the importance of having bathrooms stylized in a premium look, which has resulted in them investing substantially in constructing high-end bathrooms.

Another significant detail to note in the industry is that the replacement demand for products is very low at present which ultimately culminates into a vital growth opportunity for the seller. Moreover, entry-level products are also likely to experience high demand in future owing to the low level of penetration of Sanitation facilities in India. This can be boiled down to the lack of basic sanitation facilities in the country at present which is a cause of growing concern. As an organization, we at Varmora have always believed in spreading awareness among the masses about following proper sanitation practices and making our nation healthier.

Talking about the architecture of the current market scene, it is marked by an unorganized cluster of nearly 250 companies that cater largely to the low-end segment and the export market. On the other hand, the organized players generally cater to the upper middle class supplying premium range products where they compete against several foreign players for market share.

Providing the best of both worlds, Varmora Sanitaryware has succeeded in carving a niche for itself by pooling together a wide range of products to meet the demands of luxury and comfort at the same time. A company who solely manufactures all its products in India, Varmora is also the only company to manufacture the maximum range of one piece water closets in India. Pioneering in the designs of Siphonic systems and Tornado flushing option, every product of Varmora is a testimony to its philosophy of providing luxury and comfort with style. Every stroke, every design in our product is our way of expressing art, beauty and even life. Varmora is not just a medium for beauty, Varmora is beauty, Varmora is life.